CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Secondary Science SRAs

Specific risk assessments for more unusual and potentially more hazardous activities. These must be followed precisely as described.

SRA 21 - Using super-heated steam to ignite a match and char paper

Very hot steam is generated. A match head is placed in the steam and it flares up and is ignited. Alternatively, a piece of paper placed in the steam is seen to char.

SRA 22 - Ethanol Bottle Rocket

An alternative to the Woosh Bottle, is the ethanol bottle rocket which can be 'fired' across a room. As featured in a recent copy of the RSC's EiC Magazine.

SRA 23 - Conducting Glass

You can demonstrate a current flowing through a solid electrolyte using hot glass. This is counter-intuitive because at room temperature glass is a good electrical insulator.

This new CLEAPSS method uses a low voltage (~30v DC)

SRA 24 - The Exploding Can: Methane / Air Explosion

Risk Assessment for the exploding can: Methane / Air Explosion