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New CLP Hazcards are finally here!

CLEAPSS is pleased to announce that the first batch of its new CLP Hazcards are now live. See here for more information.

CLEAPSS Fume Cupboard Noise Survey

CLEAPSS is carrying out a survey on Fume Cupboard noise as part of our work updating our guidance on fume cupboards. You can help out by taking part in the survery either in paper / email form by using this form or via our SurveyMonkey survey here (The paper form is useful for when carrying out the SurveyMonkey option).

Calcium Metal - Old vs New

CLEAPSS is aware that calcium metal may be supplied in larger pieces than previously provided. If your new supplies contain larger and/or less regularly-shaped chunks, choose pieces that are roughly similar in size and shape to the granules that you currently use.

The picture shows a sample of calcium purchased a couple of years ago on the left, and one obtained recently on the right.

Always trial samples before class use, and be aware that oxidised pieces may react less predictably.

Please look out for extended guidance on the new CLP Hazcard for calcium, which will be available soon. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Primary Science Competition 2014

Green Vechicles

Details for the 2014 CLEAPSS - TTS Group Primary Science and D&T Competition are now available to download.

To find out more plesse click here

WWII Gas Masks  

Concerns have been raised about the possible risk to pupils from the use of gas masks as artefacts in history lessons. The filter in some of these masks may contain asbestos.–

HSE has advised us that they do not think it is appropriate for children or teachers to wear or handle WWII gas masks that potentially contain asbestos. There are however some types of gas mask which do not contain asbestos, and others which have had asbestos containing elements removed. These can continue to be used for practical demonstration purposes.

CLEAPSS believes that the use of genuine artefacts has educational value and as such would be disappointed if wholesale disposal of all gas masks were to occur . We advise that gas masks are removed from classroom use and placed in a sealed plastic bag with suitable warnings, and stored safely while awaiting further guidance.

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