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New & Updated CLP Hazcards are now live!

CLEAPSS is pleased to announce that the THIRD batch of its new CLP Hazcards are now live. See here for more information.

Primary Science and D&T Competition 2014 - Results

" The results are in"

Many congratulations to all schools entering the Green and Gorgeous competition this year.

The judges were very impressed with the very high standard of the entries.

the prize winners are:

Years 1-2: Burford Primary School, Marlow Years 3-4:  Burford Primary School, Marlow Years 5-6: Pope Paul School, Potters Bar Best overall:  The Grove School, Milton Keynes

Full details will be in the Spring PST.

The prizes will be presented by the competition sponsor (TTS Limited) on January 10th at the ASE Conference in Reading.

CLEAPSS / Uni of Liverpool investigation of americium sources.

Some school sources behave oddly and we are looking into the extent of this. We came across this when several schools told us that when detecting alpha emissions, their americium source appeared to have become less radioactive than when it was new. You can download the survey here.

Salters/CLEAPSS Technicians Awards 2015

Nominations are now open for the 2015 technicians awards - see here for more info.

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