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Even MORE - New & Updated CLP Hazcards are now live!

CLEAPSS is pleased to announce that the FOURTH batch of its new CLP Hazcards are now live. See here for more information.


Want to work at CLEAPSS? We are looking for a Assistant Office Manager (Temp - 14 Months) - See the job on Fish4Jobs or download all you need from here.

Solar Eclipse - 20th March 2015 

Are you prepared for the Solar Eclipse on March 20th? We have written an article about it in our most recent bulletin which can be found here.

Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or with optical instruments. 

The Royal Astronomical Society has produced a useful leaflet about the eclipse, which includes where to buy eclipse viewers - find it here.

This interactive map produced by NASA will give you exact times of the start and end of the eclipse in your location. It will also give you time of the maximum eclipse, which is where most of the Sun will be obscured.

The BBC Sky at Night Magazine is now out with a free eclipse viewer - see here for more.

Demo Day - 19th March - Science Week

Demo Day is an annual campaign to inspire secondary school teachers and technicians to explore new concepts, provoke discussions and generate excitement through running science demonstrations. For more info see here.

Radioactive sources research

We are continuing our research in the 'odd' behaviour of some school radioactive sources. Please click here to see more.


Some of you may have seen our range of CLEAPSS 'Bunny' giveaways at the recent ASE & BETT Conferences. Here is a PDF Poster version - ideal for your prep room.

Becoming an Academy? Worried about your CLEAPSS membership? Read our advice about how to make sure you continue to have access to CLEAPSS  guidance and resources - click here.

What's New - Want to keep up to date withall new and updated documents we have on the website? Then view the What's New section. 

CLEAPSS on YouTube Want to be able to view the CLEAPSS YouTube Channel in school - but its blocked ?

Send this link to your IT manager. Schools can now select which YouTube Channel pupils can access in school - get your IT manager to add CLEAPSS to the list!

To view the CLEAPSS YouTube account follow this link 


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